Translating science into scalable programs that improve lives.

I take a socioculturally-situated, strengths-based approach to applied research: people aspire to be healthy, feel competent at work, and feel like they belong. I use my expertise in identity, culture, implementation science, and quantitative methodology to design, develop, and iterate on person-centered behavioral interventions and support programs. Sustaining programs that work means understanding why they work and what to do about it. That’s why I aim to support a research infrastructure conducive to learning as much as possible from the data that are available or could be.

Using the right tools to learn, improve, and keep learning:

I am an expert in basic and advanced quantitative methods including structural equation modeling, Bayesian modeling, natural language processing, network analysis, and predictive machine learning. I have also experience working with observational and qualitative data. But data doesn’t mean much without a theoretical framework, good methods, and an understanding of the context surrounding data collection. I aim to create a synergy of hypothesis generation, testing, and revaluation to the end of conducting research that is likely to produce sustainable and replicable results.

An interdisciplinary bridge:

In my career, I have consistently worked with interdisciplinary teams and diverse coalitions. When working in state-level policy, I testified in front of state senators, communicating primary and secondary research on inequality and poverty in a way that were convincing and clear. When working on two digital translations of a psychological intervention, I strove to be a bridge between the developers and the PI, parsing jargon into actionable next steps. When working as a program implementation manager on a Dept. of Ed funded project, I worked as an administrative liaison, ensuring that research tasks were not gummed up by bureaucracy while at the same time maintaining diligence to standards and regulations pertaining to federally funded grants.